The Fairy Rescue League 2: The Wildwood
Cover for book two

Adam Ellwin is doing Hard Time: Solitary Confinement with Hard Labor. Three days ago, the Brown Man went crazy and tried to kill everyone. Adam's been grounded ever since. With any luck, he'll be free again by the end of today - but for how long?

It's hard to stay out of trouble when there are fairies in the house, especially when one's a mischievous boggart like Hobin, and the other's Holly - a baking-obsessed brownie with a stubborn streak a mile wide. Even the garden isn't safe - Granny Goggie's out there, prowling around in a bad mood. Dad's cut off her scrumpy supply, and she ís dangerously sober.

Worse still, Adam's best friend, Sophie, keeps banging on about the Fairy Rescue League. She's full of ideas - every single one of which would get him grounded and make him miss the village fete. And if that isn't bad enough, there's the small matter of the Green Man, a fairy god, living at the bottom of the garden with plenty of ideas of his own....

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