Natural History of a Book Cover
Matt Smith at Shimuzu put in an enormous amount of work to create a cover for The Fairy Rescue League.  It was very hard to choose which one to use, and in the end it came down to something as simple as: which one worked best in the small thumbnail size on Amazon.  Below are three different versions of the cover which we didn't get to use.

This first one is inspired by a scene in the book - but sadly it didn't work as well at a small size.  I still like it, though.


This is the first alternative Matt came up with.  It's a more stylized version on the Green Man, and closely related to the final cover:

Alternate Rustic Cover


And here is an almost-final version.  The green background softens the image, and makes it feel more like the cover of a children's book.  We would have used this, except for the fact that the shaded text was a little hard to read in a small size.

Green cover 
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